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Find your weakness by doing your Karate slowly

Have you ever watched someone do a blinding fast Karate technique that looked picture perfect?  The person moves so fast that you cannot find any mistakes in their form.  What you might not see, when they are moving fast, is that they are hiding imperfections in their form. Now lets watch that same person do… Continue Reading

Small space Karate training

Many of the Karate students I work with often say that they do not have space to train at home.  Some of them may have a small apartment or bedroom to train in and they feel that they cannot get in a good workout but I have a solution that will work even in the… Continue Reading

2014 Illinois State Karate Championships

Below is a video playlist from the 2014 Illinois State Karate Championships held on April 27, 2014 in Palatine, Illinois. There was a lot of good competition since this is the qualifier for the upcoming Karate Nationals that will be held in Las Vegas in mid July. The mats were very slick but the competitors… Continue Reading