2014 Illinois State Karate Championships

Below is a video playlist from the 2014 Illinois State Karate Championships held on April 27, 2014 in Palatine, Illinois.

There was a lot of good competition since this is the qualifier for the upcoming Karate Nationals that will be held in Las Vegas in mid July.

The mats were very slick but the competitors held it together and did some excellent katas.

1 thought on “2014 Illinois State Karate Championships”

  1. I like to see a change in the Rules and Modification of Karate Kumite. 3 – 5 minutes of continuous sparring with takedowns. Same type of point system, and yes this is not MMA, so scoring on takedowns elbow or punch (pulling back once light contact is made, say 3 points), and also allow submissions once on the Ground (The thing that makes Lyoto Machida great is his ability to get back up) make the fighter defend and make them have the ability to get back to their feet (say two points for this ability).
    I trained (My Instructor was a Marine, (Trained in Japan), NYPD Sargent and 8th Dan) 1983 – 1988 and had “Dojo Kumite” full out non stop sparing. It was stressed in our Dojo Karate is not a sport but for real life defense … I am big believer in Traditional Shotokan , going back to the roots to be trained the way it should be ….

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