Welcome to ShotokanMaster.com – a blog about Shotokan Karate and our journey to Karate mastery.

My name is Doug Wojtczak and I have been learning Shotokan Karate since June 2004. Since then, Karate has become a part of my life. More than just kicks and punches and I try to apply what I learn in the dojo to all aspects of my daily life and share it with you.

Why shotokanmaster.com?

For the longest time, I was bothered about calling this website shotokanmaster.com. I didn’t want anyone to think I was a self-proclaimed Karate master and to be very honest, I am still very much a beginner. Instead, the idea behind it is for all of us to work toward becoming masters at Karate. I am not sure if anyone will ever consider themselves a master but working toward that goal is not a bad thing, even if we never reach it.

The main focus of this website is to share information that I have learned about Shotokan Karate from others who I train under or with. Most of what you will find here are expanded articles of what I share on my Karate training blog (ShotokanPlanet.org).

I hope this website helps you improve your Karate at least a little bit and please let me know if you have questions or comments.

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