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Sweep the leg Johnny

After watching The Karate Kid for the six millionth time, I thought that it would be fun to practice sweeps.  This is a technique that I haven’t spent a lot of time working on over the years because I have never been good at it.  I never like to work on things I am not… Continue Reading

Don’t just do the kata moves, have purpose

It has taken me a long time to realize something has been missing from my katas. It’s not that I haven’t learned the correct moves or that I am doing the moves wrong, instead, I have been doing the movements in the kata without purpose. Does that kata look different? Have you ever watched two… Continue Reading

Does Karate work for self defense?

Recently, someone on the Google+ Shotokan Karate Community asked “How effective is Shotokan in real street defense?”. I felt that it would be better to answer that question here so that I could share it my readers on this blog and also share it with my fellow Karate students on Google+. What I have found,… Continue Reading