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Work on the Karate techniques that you need to improve

I know this sounds really simple when I say work on the Karate techniques that you need to improve but I know that I often fall into the trap of only working on what I am good at and giving only the minimum time and effort to improve what I am not good at.

Since I started learning Karate back in 2004, I realized that there were some techniques that I excelled at and other techniques that I am really bad at. For example, I quickly learned that my left hand jab is one of my cleanest and most effective techniques when sparring but using a side thrust kick or a roundhouse kick always gets me hit. Needless to say, over nine years later, my left hand jab has gotten even better but my kicks are still, maybe, a level above 5th Kyu.

I tried to do the kicks but they weren’t anywhere near as fun as the punches. Because I only did kicks if I had to, my punches improved but my kicks stayed the same and even at one point, I felt that they were regressing.

What I have found, after just a short time, is that doing just a few movements a day of what I am trying to improve helps. For me, doing only 5 side thrust kicks and 5 roundhouse kicks with each leg has given me more improvement than I have seen in years. My kicks are still not at the level that I want them to be but they are better now than they have ever been after only a few short weeks of a few kicks a day.

Bringing that focus to the technique you need to improve upon and doing just a little each day can make a big difference so give it a try and leave my a comment below because I would like to hear if this works for you too.

A kata a day makes Karate good

I have something that I want to share with you that I know will help your Karate over the next 12 months or less. In late 2011, I set a goal to do at least one Karate kata (and one Iaido kata, the other art I am studying) every day going forward. My thoughts are… Continue Reading

Do not leave a Black Belt standing.

One of the rules of Karate etiquette, in the club I belong to, is never leave a black belt standing without a partner when you are told to get a partner. This is extremely disrespectful to the black belt and to the Sensei teaching the class. Even if you are brown belt or below and… Continue Reading